October 6, 2022


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Bounce Drive All DLC Characters (Up to date 2022)

Anime and manga have created a rave on the web for the suitable causes. In addition to bringing a coalition of animation and realism, anime characters additionally pack in an motion punch, making it everybody’s favourite.

Nonetheless, in case you are a novice in anime, chances are high that Naruto is the one factor you’re seemingly conscious of, and that’s fantastic. However what about video video games? Bounce Drive, one of many high anime built-in video games, garnered a lot reputation on the web.

Sadly, Bandai Namco, in February 2022, introduced that customers wouldn’t have the ability to purchase digital copies of Bounce Drive or any of the related DLC characters. In addition they reported that most of the sport’s on-line companies could be discontinued in August 2022.

Though not many gamers have an thought why Bounce Drive is getting delisted, the one factor we will do is preserve monitor of all the favored DLC characters for future gameplay. This text explores all of that and extra intimately.

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Bounce Drive DLC Characters – Season 1

It’s at all times higher to begin the listing of names with the most well-liked ones within the hood. So, it was not even a query that we needed to begin the listing with the DLC characters that seem in Season 1.

1. Seto Kaiba

The primary look of Seto Kaiba in Bounce Drive occurs when he encounters Luffy and sabo. This happens throughout the venom sightings, which Kaiba collected by himself. Throughout that interplay, Kaiba additionally tells Luffy and Sabo that the explanation he’s doing so is to make the world a greater place for his little brother, Mokuba. Though Luffy gives Kaiba a alternative to affix Bounce Drive, he declines for the time being and says he would ponder the choices. He additionally tells them that he’d work on his strengths to defeat them later after they cross paths.


  • Burst stream
  • Final burst
  • My flip!

2. Katsuki Bakugo

Though Bakugo’s presence in Bounce Drive isn’t vital, he predominantly influences Naruto’s journey. Bakugo first seems when Naruto explores the valley looking for extra venom however as a substitute crosses paths with Bakugo. Experiences recommend that the creators and builders would seemingly launch Toshiro alongside Bakugo, however the thought was benched.

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  • AP shot – Autocannon
  • Burst velocity
  • Stun grenade

3. Majin Buu

Often known as Good Buu, he is part of the Dragonball Z sequence. Nonetheless, what units him aside is that he originated as a villain however later transitioned to a great being. He now stays as an ally to Goku and the remaining characters within the sport. Buu can also be the one character from the Dragonball Z sequence, which is a DLC. The character got here into being concurrently Bakugo.


  • Flip into chocolate
  • Vaporize
  • Now Buu is mad!

4. Madara Uchiha

Not on daily basis do you come throughout a darkish character with such excessive abilities and standing within the sport. Madara Uchiha is part of the 4th Nice Ninja Struggle arc and is the one character from the sequence that may be a DLC. Madara got here into being alongside Toshiro and is a villain origin character, therefore the darkness to it. Madara is a playable character within the sport.


  • Hearth model: Dragon flame loud singing Jutsu
  • Susano’o
  • Uchiha reflection

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5. Bisky

Bisky or Biscuit Kreuger is from the Hunter x Hunter sequence and is a optimistic character within the sport. She is an ally to nearly all of the pivotal characters out there within the sport. Biscuit can also be the one feminine character from the arc to work as a playable character. She can also be the one feminine character within the season that may be a DLC character. She has a whole lot of similarities with Gon.


  • I really feel like messing you up good
  • Ten/ko
  • Finely honed physique

6. All May

All May is among the hottest and revered DLC characters in Bounce Drive. He’s the eighth holder of the favored One for All Quirk, buying it from Nana Shimura. He later handed the torch to Izuku Midoriya, who’s coaching below him to be his successor. All May gave it his very best and later retired because the world’s best hero within the period he labored in.


  • Detroit smash
  • Carolina smash
  • Oklahoma smash

7. Toshiro Hitsugaya

We have now been discussing Toshiro from the start of this text, and that’s the diploma of significance he holds within the course of. He’s a personality pulled from Thousand Years of Blood Arc. The character of Toshiro and Madara was launched on the identical time. In addition to Grimmjow and Yoruichi, Toshiro is the third character to be DLC in Bounce Drive. Though Toshiro’s inception was presupposed to be alongside Buu and Bakugo, issues turned out later.

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  • Hail flower dragon
  • Icicle birds
  • Six-point ice formation

8. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

As complicated because the identify of this DLC character is, Grimmjow is palms down some of the vital ones within the lot. His first look is throughout the encounter with Naruto and Yusuke whereas searching for venom. Grimmjow belongs to the Thousand Years of Blood Arc, and his character has been pulled from there. In addition to Toshiro and Yoruichi, Grimmjow is the third DLC character within the period. Additionally, he’s a villain character, so you might want to preserve a verify on that.


  • Gran rey cero
  • Garra de la Pantera
  • Jaw cut up

9. Trafalgar Legislation

The final and some of the profound DLC characters from Season 1 of Bounce Drive is Trafalgar Legislation. Legislation’s first look comes within the Hidden Leaf Village, the place Kenshin and Deku go to to avoid wasting the lives of some villagers trapped there. Legislation is the one piece character from his period to be a DLC character, and his inception got here concurrently Grimmjow.


  • Injection pictures
  • Tact
  • Radio knife

Bounce Drive Characters – Season 2

With the characters from the primary season out of the best way, allow us to shift our focus to Season 2. This one introduced alongside a sequence of allies and villains price wanting into.

1. Shoto Todoroki

The primary look of Todoroki occurs within the Story Mode of Bounce Drive, and he seems in Tokyo. Additionally, surprisingly sufficient, Shoto Todoroki is the primary DLC character in Season 2. Additionally, within the My Hero saga, Todoroki is the third to be a DLC character. Additionally, Todoroki is among the few ice customers within the sport, so his abilities are closely influenced by the identical.


  • Ice stalagmite
  • Dancing flame
  • Heaven piercing ice wall

2. Meruem

One other common DLC character in Bounce Drive Season 2 is Meruem. It’s a villain character from Hunter x Hunter and first pops up in Paris in Bounce Drive. Throughout the sport, Meruem collaborates with Asta to assist them combat to assist them escape of the cell. Nonetheless, Meruem is quick on his toes and leaves earlier than Asta can come round and thank him for the help. Meruem’s character got here across the identical time as Hiei. Additionally, apart from Biscuit, Meruem is the one DLC character within the sport.

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  • Kingstrike
  • I’m hungry
  • Meruem’s En

3. Hiei

Hiei is a very fashionable character from the Yu Yu Hakusho sequence. Though his journey begins as a villain, he later transforms into an anti-hero. He’s additionally the one character from the sequence to be a DLC. Additionally, Hiei is among the two playable characters within the sport. He’s additionally a dragon person, like just a few different DLC characters, together with Shiryu, Yugi, Kaiba, and Dai.


  • Sword of the darkness flame
  • Purgatory scorch
  • Afterimage

4. Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi is a well-liked character that originated within the Bleach sequence based mostly on the Thousand Years Blood arc. In addition to Rukia, Yoruichi is the one character from Bleach to be DLC. Additionally, she steps into the sport in her apparel earlier than she turns into a DLC character. Alongside Giorno, Yoruichi was additionally datamined and leaked beforehand.


  • Shunken thunder
  • Shunpo pummel
  • Shunko: Raijin Senkei

5. Giorno Giovanna

Final on the listing that joins Bounce Drive Season 2 is Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. He’s a playable character and one of many solely few DLC from the sequence. With a surprising look and apparel, he positive manages to catch the gamers’ consideration within the sport.


What number of DLC characters does Bounce Drive have?

Bounce Drive is a particularly inclusive and various sport. In the case of the DLC characters, gamers get entry to 40 playable characters throughout 16 sequence. There are 14 extra characters within the sport which are downloadable as nicely. Gamers additionally get entry to a few additional characters as a part of a free improve. So, in complete, there are 57 DLC characters.

If that is your first time enjoying Bounce Drive, we hope this text provides you all of the potential insights you might want to know relating to the sport and the DLC characters.

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